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Light your Torch with us!

We're a community of movers, doers, and shakers...which are you? 

We're not your "normal" gym. We're built different. From the ground up the culture here at Squatch Frontier Fitness is one of Honor & Respect. 
Not only that, but we also have many members who are crushing it in their world too. You're bound to run across someone who will take you further than you could've ever imagined. 

  • Gym open to members 24/7

  • Access to all classes and perks

  • A community that'll help you go far

  • Looking for a Trainer?

    Meet Zeik!

    Zeik is our Head Trainer who can guide you to your new trainer. Reach out to him if you'd like to take your gains to the next level!



    Membership Perks

    We believe that when you join a gym that you deserve to save money else where too.

    We are continously adding to this list. 

    Buzz Mill Coffee

    10% off all drinks
    10% off food trucks
    10% off BrunchBird

    MSW Nutrition & Vitamin Lounge

    Free B12 shots
    $30 off NAD+
    $5 off Drinks
    15% off everything else

    Broken Arrow Ranch

    10% off all wild game meat orders over $75

    The Void Martial Arts

    20% off all memberships

    Want to host an event at Squatch Frontier Fitness?

    Meet Coach Bray!

    When it comes to the Culture at Squatch Fitness, Coach Bray is the one to know. He is there ministering the culture with intention. He is also the one to speak with if you'd like to host an event at Squatch Fitness.  





    24/7 Open Gym Access, cancel whenever, get $10 off when you sign up with a trainer, full access to all perks.