The Math

The Breakdown

You move the sled and every yard traveled will be matched in $$$ by your individual sponsors.

More individual sponsors gathered will mean more money accumulated by your participation.

In other words…

Total Sled Yards x $$$ matched w/ every yard = Sled Money Generated


Sled Money Generated x Total Number of Sponsors = Total Money Generated per Participant

For Example:

If you have one sponsor (who agreed to match a dime for every yard) and you move 500 yards total with the sled during your 30 min time slot then…

Your sponsor will donate a total of $50
(500 yards x 10 cents = $50.00)


If you have 5 individual sponsors who agreed to similar terms, then you will raise a total of $250

5(500 yards x 10 cents) = $250.00

10 individual sponsors who agreed to similar terms will amount to a total of $500

10(500 yards x 10 cents) = $500.00

Note that these sponsors will agree to donate a negotiated amount of $$$ per every yard that the participant travels on the sled.

We recommend asking sponsors to match 5-10 cents of donation per yard that you travel with the sled but you can also potentially win the challenge by getting only one sponsor who donates $1 a yard.

Ultimately, the end-goal is to raise money for kids in need so we encourage the application of creativity and strategy in order to win the challenge!

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Squatch Frontier Fitness

Santa's Sled Challenge



Saturday, Dec. 17th @9AM-3PM CST

701 Tillery St. Austin, TX










How the challenge works

As a participant of the challenge, you will be judged by the amount of money that you individually raise from all of your sponsors.

How to participate


Click the link below and sign up for a Sled Time. The challenge will be to move the sled a 1000 yards in 30 minutes.



Once you book a time slot, you’ll receive a Welcome Email with instructions on how to proceed.

Your first goal will be to gather sponsors. These can be:
⁃ Family
⁃ Friends
⁃ Employers
⁃ etc.

You will negotiate with each of your sponsors in order to reach an individual sponsorship agreement.

Sponsor Calculator


You've gotten your list of sponsors and now all you have to do is show up at the time you've selected, ready to PUSH/PULL/DRAG Santa's sled as far as you've committed. 

Prizes and how to win

Participants will be judged by

The distance they can cover on Santa's Sled during their allotted Time Block(s)


The amount of individual sponsors they can gather!

More sponsors and distance-covered will mean more dollars for THE KIDS!

Prizes include!

  • Trip Getaway for 2

  • Swag Bags

  • T-shirts

  • Gift Certificates

  • And MORE!


    Share More!

    We understand if you can't participate, so if you'd like to make a donation to EVERYCHIILDTEXAS.ORG then use the button below and share the Christmas Cheer!



    What’s in it for me?

    Well other than feeling the giant dump of serotonin in your system after doing something hard in the name of helping out children in need….

    There will also be prizes for the top performers!

    All participants will receive a Special Santa Sled Challenge Shirt and swag bag.

    All sponsors will receive an emailed Perk Package and special recognition as a donor for the event.

    If I can’t attend the event but still want to contribute, what can I do?

    You can sponsor a participant who will be physically attending the event or alternatively make a donation directly to EVERYCHILDTEXAS.ORG via the link HERE

    Can you tell me more about the purpose of this event?

    Sure thing!

    The meaning of this event is to leverage the holiday spirit and apply the physicality that we all cherish so much towards a cause that might even be more meaningful than our own individual fitness goals.

    If you have ever been to Squatch Frontier Fitness before, then you are likely aware of how prevalent the application of Sled training is. The gym is literally surrounded by various Sled setups on almost every flank.

    There is good reason for the prevalence of this style of training as it is highly applicable for almost every demographic due its versatile, therapeutic, and highly effective nature.

    If you can walk from your car, through the parking lot and into the gym, then you can train with sleds and reap many of the benefits along the way.

    Click here to learn more about sled training!

    That said, there are some unique groups of individuals such as children with disabilities that may not be able to experience the direct benefits of Sled Training.

    The vision of this event is to utilize the work performed on the Sled as a vessel to help children with disabilities.

    Who are we raising money for?

    All proceeds raised will be delivered to EVERYCHILDTEXAS.ORG on Christmas Day.

    EVERYCHILDTEXAS.ORG finds ways to support family life for children with disabilities who would otherwise grow up in facilities. Their mission is to give all children the gift of growing up in a safe, loving, and nurturing family with whatever support is needed for families and children to thrive.

    Taken directly from their mission statement:

    ⁃ We help families explore family options to facility care for their children with disabilities to live at home or to live with a support family if they can’t live at home.

    ⁃ We lead permanency planning for children living in Texas nursing facilities.

    ⁃ We recruit and prepare support families for children who cannot live at home.

    ⁃ We assist service provider organizations to increase their capacity to provide family-based options.

    ⁃ We provide training and technical assistance to family groups and community organizations on family supports for children with disabilities.

    ⁃ We develop educational materials and tools on family-based alternatives to institutional care.

    ⁃ We work with state policy-makers and decision-makers to remove barriers and build better support for families.

    All in all they operate under the belief that every child needs a family, and that there is a family for every child.

    Click here for more info on EVERYCHILDTEXAS.ORG

    How many sleds are there? 

    There are 5 sleds total. BLUE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE are the names of the sleds. 

    Can each sled go the same distance? 

    No. Due to limited space, only 2 tanks, BLUE and RED, can go 100 yards from one end to the other end. Making it 200 yards down and back. 

    The GREEN, YELLOW, and WHITE tank can go 33 yards from one end to the other end. Making it 66 yards down and back. 

    When does the event begin and end?

    Santa's Sled Challenge kicks off at 9am and ends at 3pm. 

    Do I have to attend the whole event?

    No, you're able to show up, on time, for your time slot and participate. After your info has been recorded then you're welcome to leave. 

    Why train with Sleds?

    Below are a just few reasons why we love the sleds:

    ⁃ When you move the sled in any manner, the weight will never crush you. If you can’t handle the load, it merely will stay where it is. This can be novel for someone new to sled training yet LIFECHANGING for someone who may feel intimidated by heavy weights.

    ⁃ There are very few training devices that can replicate the demands placed on the lower body while concurrently placing very little compression on the spine. This can be novel for someone new to Sled work yet LIFECHANGING for someone with chronic back pain.

    ⁃ The challenging training stimulus produced by sled work encourages a massive amount of blood flow and endorphin release. There are incredible mental and physical health benefits related to this environment. Concurrently, training with the sleds results in minimal tissue damage thus, making it harder to overdo and potentially get injured while training. This can be novel for someone new to sled training yet LIFECHANGING for someone with Tendinopothy and Arthritic limitations.

    ⁃ Sled training strengthens the foot and improves lower leg mobility while simultaneously conditioning trainees for better stamina. Novel for someone new to sled training yet LIFECHANGING for someone with chronic foot, ankle, and/or knee pain.

    ⁃ The list of sled benefits can keep going!

    Overall, sleds can be highly effective for performance, rehabilitation, and/or longevity purposes. Many have even experienced LIFECHANGING benefits from something as simple as substituting the sleds as an alternative to their conventional 5-10 minutes of warmup on a treadmill prior to their workout.

    The key to creating lasting results with sled training lies within understanding precisely how to use the sleds properly.

    By participating in the Santa Sled Challenge, you’ll also receive hands-on coaching with the sleds and walk away with more confidence on how take your sled game to the next level.

    Do I have to attend the whole event?

    No, you're able to show up, on time, for your time slot and participate. After your info has been recorded then you're welcome to leave. 

    What's the address for this event?

    This is hosted by Squatch Frontier Fitness located at 

    701 Tillery St. Austin, TX 

    Do I have to be a member of Squatch to participate?

    No. But if you'd like to become a member then email [email protected] to get set up. 

    What should I expect after signing up?

    After selecting up to TWO time slots you'll receive a welcome email that will have some marketing material for you.

    After 24hrs your custom donation link, that you'll share with your sponsors will be sent to you. 

    How long has Santa's Sled Challenge been around? 

    This is our first one! We plan on doing this yearly.